Smokey Skies

We had a lazy start to our day camped in the campground, check out wasn’t until 2pm but after a nice walk and a warm shower we were gone by 11.

On our way out of Kananaskis we saw some more sheep, but the skies got increasingly smokey so we didn’t stop much. We gassed up in Canmore and saw a Trillium at an Aveda salon. We cruised past Banff only stopping once for a photo.

Then again for a short walk and Rosie swim.

We kept driving as it was smokey and hot. After Revelstoke we stopped again.

We got ice cream 🍦in Siccamous then cruised on to Kamploops for the night.

Odometer start of day: 5371.2

Odometer end of day: 5990.6

Wildlife sightings: some Rockey Mountain Sheep

Fibreglass Egg sightings: one trillium parked inCanmore

Kananaskis Country

Well today was more about sight seeing and camping then traveling home. We had a lazy morning at the campground in Gleichen. Rosie enjoyed the freedom of chasing prairie dogs off leash in the grass field, she also loved just lying in the grass. I think she misses her backyard.

We hit the road around 9:30 and took the scenic route through the hills toward the mountains. We stopped for groceries in Okotoks and loved how cute Black Diamond was as we passed through and then headed in to Kananaskis. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery as we headed North West toward Peter Loughheed Provincial Park. We saw our first Rocky Mountain Sheep shortly afte the welcome to Kanaskis sign and a bunch more as we entered PLPP including an itty bitty baby with their family.

We didn’t have reservations so we decided to check in at the visitor centre, they gave me a map but said they had nothing to do with the campgrounds. So we toured down to Upper Kananaskis Lake so Rosie and I could go wading, I contemplated a swim but the water was cool and it wasn’t that hot out. I wished I’d brought my kayak as the water looked perfect for a paddle.

I then ventured to the Interlakes campground which is first come first serve to try and find a place, unfortunately it was full which was disappointing as the sites were all walking distance/ overlooking lower Kananaskis lake. We did encounter a boler parked, I wondered if they were on their way back from Winnipeg.

We then headed to the store at Boulton campground to try for a site. I knew they had 31 available the night before when I looked online. Although they had nothing near the shower they had lots of availability. We booked and paid $26 for our site. Enjoyed an ‘Algonquin Canoe’ ice cream, some rolo / Maple combo. Then headed to our site. We had a nap, read our book, then bbq’d up Alberta rib eye and fresh corn for dinner. It was delicious. After dinner Rosie and I went for a stroll looping around part of the campground, its massive.

We lucked out today with very limited smoke but I think as we get closer to home we will see more of it. Kananaskis Country was highly recommended by my friend Leigh Ellen and it did not disappoint. It would be a great place to come back and explore further, and pack the kayak. Especially if you could luck in to a site at Interlakes.

Odometer start of day: 5121.3

Odometer end of day: 5371.2

Wildlife sightings: some Rocky Mountain sheep, some prairie dogs and what looked like a regular tree squirrel

Fibreglass Egg sightings: 1 dark green/ navy/black bottom white top 13ft boler camped at Interlakes Campground


We spent some time last night and this morning researching routes. I’d planned to take crows nest pass home or potentially head across the boarder via glacier national park. However with the current fire situation neither seemed too appealing so I decided to take Hwy 1 home via the coquihalla. Once I figured out plans and ran some errands in Swift Current I hit the road headed west. The roughriders shrine at Canadian Tire surprised me.

We stopped at a rest area just west of Swift Current that would have been a decent place to spend the night. Rosie enjoyed some freedom before hitting the road for real. We decided to detour to Maple Creek where we tried to find some info on how dog friendly the park was and stumbled on some antiques.

then we were on to Fort Walsh. It was a bit of a track and as recommended I dropped the trailer in a lot and did the last steep windy section without it. Fort Walsh was great and very dog friendly. Rosie enjoyed the walking but not necessarily being dressed up as a Mountie.

Then we headed north we stopped for a photo of the worlds tallest teepee in Medicine Hat

Then around 7pm I used the all stays app to choose a camp spot for the night. Beaupre Municipal campground in Gleichen was the winner and a bonus is its free.

Odometer start of day:4555.1

Odometer end of day: 5121.3

Wildlife sightings: we counted 9 suicidal prairie dogs on the road out to .fort Walsh. One may not have survived, I didn’t feel the bump but didn’t see him scurry to safety either also some cows loose in the park, do they count?

Fibreglass Egg sightings: just one green and white 13ft boler heading into Maple Creek as we were heading back to Hwy 1

On the road again

The perk of getting a few miles under our belt was that we could sleep in a bit this morning. We were well rested when we hit the road. First stop was Brandon to meet Scott’s cousin and get a copy of the paper. We saw a few bolers, grabbed a breakfast sandwich and were back on the road again.

We did a lot of driving today. Close to 700km. We saw some bolers. We played leap frog with Gord from Island Bolers meeting up at rest areas until we left him to camp. We drove and drove singing along to tunes on the radio enjoying the cool breeze. We stopped to take the odd photo but really the Hwy 1 route is not that scenic.

We hoped to make Moose Jaw but when we arrived at Mac the Moose we were still wide awake. I’d love to check out the tunnels one day but not with Rosie in the hot summer sun so we decided to push on to Swift Current.

We’d met the armadillo crew in MooseJaw so we followed their caravan to Swift Current. They kept going and we rolled in to Boston Pizza just after 8 for late dinner and then moved to the Walmart lot for the night.

Odometer start of day:3861.7

Odometer end of day: 4555.1

Wildlife sightings: none but lots of road kill

Fibreglass Egg sightings: about 25 less and less the further we got from Winnipeg.

Boler 50th Anniversary- Winnipeg

We were up and on the road by 7:45, so that we could gas up before the caravan left at 8. We met them, and lead the way back to Winnipeg. We rolled in shortly after 10. I had envisioned long line ups at the gates but we rolled right in. We were slotted to set up beside Gerry and Emily from Island Bolers, Jan and his wife were diagonally behind us. We started the set up as the temperature rose and the trailers rolled in. We were suppose to be getting another trailer to share our electric site. Gerry and I kept saying we should double up but moving in the heat was daunting. We’d just decided to do it as our shared partners rolled in. They were together and wanted one site so that sealed the deal. We moved the trailers by hand dolly and everyone just grabbed a corner of the gazebos to move them. It was a lot of effort in the heat but so worth it in the end. It put us on the end of an aisle so better access and having neighbors who could help with Rosie was great.

Wednesday was the hottest or seemed that way due to the set up in the sun. Despite drinking over 3 litres of water, wearing a hat and sun screen and hiding in the shade wherever possible, and having an ice cold shower I was feeling the effects of the sun and dreading the next few days in our gravel lot. I was thankful for the swamp/moat/creek that I could take Rosie wading in.

Thursday morning i ventured out to get aloe Vera for my sun burned face, more carbonated water and Gatorade as I feared dehydration. Though the day stayed noticeably cooler. We walked around and saw trailers from the outside, visited the other Island bolers, shopped at Vendors, read the book we are published in, and enjoyed the event in cooler temperatures. We got interviewed by CTV, we enjoyed the afternoon wine and Bothwell cheese social and in the evening Scott and the kids came by for food truck supper.

Friday was supposed to get hot again but stayed mid 20s. We joined morning yoga in our pjs, we wandered around some more, so much to see. We read more stories in the Vintage Fibreglass Trailers book, and generally had a relaxing day. We met more friends from instagram and enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich with beans and coleslaw for dinner courtesy of Peavy Mart. We also found out we were in the Brandon Sun. We ended the evening with s’mores and a bonfire.

Saturday was the big open house day so we were up early to tidy and set up the dinette and finish staging everything so we’d have time to check out the farmers market before the gates opened at 10. Slowly the people started trickling in, then more and more. Gerry and I took turns checking out the insides of trailers and showing off our own. As the day got hotter and hotter we did more hiding in the shade of the canopy and only venturing out to take Rosie for a Swamp Swim as I called it. The open house was supposed to end at 3pm but still lots wandering around so we stayed open.

Although it was still smoking hot by 4pm the wind was gusting enough that I took the canopy down. Once that was down I slowly started packing up so I’d be ready to leave in the AM. Though the more I packed up the more I thought it might be nice to get an hour or so on the road so I didn’t have to deal with the crowds leaving in the morning. So after packing up and having a shower we hit the road just after 7pm. After much effort we found the giant Coca Cola can in Portage la Prairie and continued on to a truck stop just down the road for the night.

There are so many more photos but I’ll add a link to Flickr once I’m home.

Odometer start of day: Wednesday morning 3512.4 (Saturday before I left 3728.3)

Odometer end of day: 3861.7

Wildlife sightings: none

Fibreglass Egg sightings: far too many to count. Apparently just over 400 in attendance.

Let the Boler 50th Anniversary Fun Begin

Well today was the star of the Boler portion of our adventure. We said our goodbyes to Scott, Michelle and the kids but hope to see the again before I leave. Then I had a lovely pedicure, this is glamping after all, before heading to the Red River Exhibition Grounds for my volunteer shift. We checked out our site and the grounds before starting our shift.

Then we hit the road headed west. We ran in to a fair number of Boler’s headed East and I’m sure they thought hey crazy lady you are going the wrong way. I lost track of how many. I’m guessing 15-25. Most were in the Brandon area heading to the various campgrounds. I arrived at Grand Valley Provincial Park at the same time as Shaun and Nicole from Island Boler and Friends. You couldn’t have timed it better. We checked in and set up. There was a reporter from the Brandon Sun so we staged the front half of the trailer for a photo op.

Our caravan arrival time slot changed from 12-3 to 10-12 which put a damper on the campfire fun and most went to bed early.

Odometer start of day: 3208.4

Odometer end of day: 3512.4

Wildlife sightings: none

Fibreglass Egg sightings: too many to count

Winnipeg with friends

Well in reality it’s been the out skirts of Winnipeg but it’s been an awesome visit.

Friday I left Riding Mountain in the morning and drove south, barely stopping and arriving at Scott and Michelle’s around 2pm. We had a nice visit, I did some laundry and we had dinner before Scott and I headed to the Stadium to watch the Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs Hamilton Tiger-cats. It was a great game and the crowed was revved up as the hometown team won.

Saturday we checked out Pineridge Farms Market, had an amazing brunch at Marion Street Eatery and then did some running around before spending the afternoon swimming in Michelle’s parents pool which was just what you needed on a hot day. And it was smoking hot Saturday / Sunday. So hot that mosquitoes aren’t really an issue.

Sunday we got up early to head out to cottage country. We took their new Seadoo jet boat out to Michelle’s parents cabin to test it out. We had a lovely day with her family riding in boats, swimming in the lake and tubing. Such an awesome and exhausting day.

Which meant Monday was low key. A lazy morning, tidied the trailer a bit. Scot washed the car. I ran some errands, got some groceries, visited some sunflower fields etc. All in all another great day. Tomorrow I say my goodbyes and the Boler 50th anniversary rally fun begins, then it’s homeward bound. How quickly time flies when you are having fun.

Odometer start of day 2873.8

Odometer end of day 3166.0 (Friday after the drive down from Riding Mountain) 3208.4 (Monday evening)

Wildlife sightings: not a lot but but did see some super cute farm animals at Pineridge Farms

Fibreglass Egg sightings: about 6/7 over the 4 days