Planning another adventure

I’m planning another adventure. It’s been on my todo again list for a while but after taking a summer job this summer teaching online I figured I could afford a little adventure on my 2 weeks off. So I’m headed down the coast. The last time I did the Oregon coast I was a teenager on a family roadtrip. It was filled with one mishap after another and is often referred to as the ‘worst family vacation ever’ but it’s all the one with some of the best stories to look back and laugh at.IMG_8147

My destination is Fort Bragg as I’d really like to see Sea Glass beach for myself. The trip down is a bit of a meander along the coast. I’ve reserved some sites but not all as I’d like to play some by ear. The trip back is a bit more rushed.  Here is the tentative itinerary.

Night 1- port angeles to Forks area – no reservations yet

Night 2 – reserved at pacific beach state park

Night 3 – reserved at cape disappointment state park

Night 4 – reserved at RV resort at cannon beach

Night 5 – walk up only Nahalem Falls campground.

Night 6 – somewhere near Lincoln city

Night 7 – Dunes city Oregon.

Night 8 – somewhere on the southern Oregon coast

Night 9 – make reservations for redwood forest area

Night 10 – reserved at mackerricher state park / Fort Bragg.

Night 11- somewhere Southern Oregon /northern cali

Night 12 – stay with family in McMinnville

Night 13 – centralia

Night 14 – mount Vernon area?

Night 15 – Deception Pass

Night 16 – Home I work the next day


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