South down the 101

Well today we covered a fair amount of ground. Our morning started bright and early at 4:30 am. We had to be ready for customs inspection at 5:10 and I wanted to take Rosie for a morning walk prior to the inspection, so we got up and headed out for a morning stroll through sleepy James Bay. We returned and awaited our inspection which went smoothly. After loading the ferry I remembered how much I loved the Coho. It’s like riding BC ferries back in the 80s where there were benches to sleep on. My plan was to nap on the ferry and charge my devices. I ended up with a prime bench / table combo with electrical outlet, however a chatty couple from Ashland Oregon joined me and I didn’t get any napping done. We arrived in port Angeles just after 8am and the plan was to check out Joann’s fabrics as it was the last day of a sale. It didn’t open till 10 so we hit up Walmart for some dairy and fruit and a look around. There were lots of RVs that had spent the night. We found a fabric section in Walmart and ended up getting a bunch. Rosie and I went for a short walk befor hitting up Joann’s and hitting the road. We did see a quilt shop and stopped to see if they have row by row but they were closed.
We headed out South West on the 101 to start the adventure and find a place to camp for the night. I was thinking Forks area but decided to skip La Push as I’ve been there before it was noon when I arrived in Forks we went to the visitor centre and saw that the Twilight fame is still flocking tourists. We got another picture of Bella’s truck and did a look on their dog walking trial. They recommended Pacific Pizza when I asked for something quick and with trailer friendly parking. Parking was easy however I was frustrated with the restaurant. They had pizza by the slice and a salad bar which would have been quick but I though ordering a small pizza and taking it over to the picnic site I’d past seemed like a more Rosie friendly idea. I ordered the pizza she said it would be 20 minutes so I said I’d be back in 15 I was just letting the dog out. It wasn’t too hot out I just like to check on her. When I returned I asked if mine was ready and was told not yet… I waited and waited watching numerous people order pizza by the slice. Then someone orders the same pizza as me for eating in. It was ready in about 10 minutes, I was still waiting and was now quite frustrated. I inquired again if mine was ready and was told no. I would have left and gone elsewhere but they have you prepay. I finally was about to ask for my money back as it had been close to 40 minutes when she went and checked. Mine was ready and when she handed it over it was luke warm at best it had definitely been sitting under a warming lamp. I told them I was unimpressed and took it. Rosie and I had a lovely picnic of cold pizza that tasted good at least. Then we were back on the road.
We stopped briefly at Ruby Beach but it was too busy for Rosie and I so we kept on going.
We passed a few campgrounds by beaches that were all full, I was a little worried where I’d sleep tonight. We went for a beach walk at 1st beach and then continued on the road.
We kept going until we reached the turn off for 109 and headed out towards Pacific Beach State Park where I had reservations for tomorrow. I was hopeful that it might have space as it’s off the 101. We arrived at 4:45 just after they closed the office at4:30. There was two sites listed as available when I saw that the first one was still free I took it without checking the other out. It was a beautiful beach side site. We set up camp and walked the beach then had a nap in our lounger before dinner. Then it was another beach walk and watching the sunset before bed. Life is good.
Odometer start of day 232.5

Odometer end of day 520.4

Wildlife sightings: do seagulls and shore birds count?

Fibreglass Egg sightings: one scamp on the 101 just outside of Port Angeles.


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