A longer driving day

Today we had a longer drive ahead of us we were headed from Central Oregon south to near the bottom of the state with a few sites to see along the way. We went for our morning walk on one of the campgrounds paved walkways, we went further than planned as we ere enjoying reading the inspirational quotes written in chalk every hundred yards or so. After packing up camp we made use of the hospitality centre before hitting the road. Our first stop was suppose to be Cape Perpetua but I came across a market in Yachats so we decided to walk through that. Rosie was such a good girl I bought her some homemade treats.

KWe got back in the car and somehow forgot to stop at Cape Perpetua, I thought about turning back but knew I had a longer driving day planned so we kept on going. Our next stop was Heceta Bay light house, the little beach was packed with people so we started up the .5 mile trail to the light house. It was a nice walk though the fog was pretty thick and you couldn’t see very far along the coast. Our next stop was in Florence I wanted to try the famous Mo’s Clam Chowder. I ordered a cup to go and sat out on a bench enjoying it with Rosie. It was excellent and I highly recommend trying it if you are on the coast, there are a few locations. There was another farmers market so Rosie and I wondered through it before hitting the road.

We skipped a couple of my other planned stops as I wanted to get to Humbug Mountain with time to enjoy th campground, plus it was hot for the first time on the trip, as high as 27 at one point. I did try to pick up 3 row by row patterns at quilt shops but all were closed. We stopped at the Sourdough Cafe and they had cinnamon buns as big as my head, it reminded me of the Alaska Hwy trip but we simply got a small baguette and headed on to Cape Blanco. The wind was so strong I thought it might blow the camera right out of my hand.  We pulled in to camp just after 5pm, we set up camp enjoyed some downtime befor making dinner. We headed down the trail for a nice sunset walk along the beach.  Tomorrow we head in to California and the redwoods.

Odometer start of day 1254.2

Odometer end of day 1519.6

Wildlife sightings: a couple mor squirrels at South Beach Campground. Including one that tormented Rosie while I was at the hospitality centre.

Fibreglass Egg sightings: a scamp checking in to South Beach as we were leaving, An escape heading north into Yachats and another scamp headed north in Banndon


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