More shopping with some site seeing on the side 

Well today was my other Oregon shopping day. We woke up early and since our ‘campground’ wasn’t really the place to go for a dog walk I decided to head down to Lincoln City Beach for our morning walk. Even at 7:30 am there was a few people and a few dogs, we managed to get far enough away from them so that Rosie Roo could enjoy some off leash fun.  Then we decided to head to ‘Pig n’ a Pancake’ for breakfast, I’d been seeing them all down the Oregon Coast and decided it was time to test them out. They are a coast breakfast /lunch diner. It was hoping busy but super quick and the crepes I had were good plus th y had free wifi. Then it was over to the Lincoln City Outlet stores for Some tax free shopping. It mostly window shopping  while Rosie chilled in the parkcade but I did get a good deal on a USB Protective Columbia shirt. Then it was back to the Casino to pick up the trailer.

We headed south to Newport but stopped along the way to watch the grey whales feeding in Boiler Bay, they were closer to the shore than you can usually get on a whale watching tour. Then we headed on to Devil’s Punch Bowl, the tides weren’t right to see it churning but it it was still neat to look at.

Once we arrived in Newport I popped in to the quilt shop to pick up the row by row pattern, it’s a little more complicated than I’m use to so I didn’t get the kit just the free pattern. I did get their simple 9th row kit as all the funds went to the local animal shelter.  We headed to South Beach Campground to check in. Another good deal $25 plus reservation fee for electric/ water hook ups and free showers. On one side of me I have the drinking, corn hole playing neighbors, on the other side is a big church group gathering. After some downtime in the trailer we headed to the beach for a walk then it was back in to Newport to check out Fred Meyer’s befor stopping at the light house view point to watch the sunset.  It’s a big driving day tomorrow so it’s early to bed.

Odometer start of day 1162.7

Odometer end of day 1254.2

Wildlife sightings: a squirrel at south beach campground

Fibreglass Egg sightings: a scamp just south of Boiler Bay headed north and another older fibre glass egg just north of Devils Punch Bowl parked on the side of the road covered in bumper stickers.


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