Road side attractions galore 

Today was a day of Road side attractions. After breakfast and another free hot shower curtesy of Oregon State Parks we hit the road. The first stop was the prehistoric gardens where Rosie and I got to loop through a forested trail that hid life size dinosaurs. The cost was $12 and Rosie got a dehydrated chicken treat so she loved the place. It was neat to see how big some where while others were smaller. This was Rosie’s favourite attraction.

Next we stopped at Oripher state Park Wayside which was basically a nice rest area with access to 7 miles of beach. I scraped the bottom of my foot back in Lincoln City and although I’d walked on numerous beaches since it had bothered me yesterday so I bandaged it today and thought I’d avoid beach walks for a day, but Oripher was too inviting. Although I left my sandles on sand inevitably got in to them, the vet wrap kept my cut clean. Rosie loved the freedom of being off leash again. So many beaches and so few dogs / people she’s going to have a hard time adjusting when we head home.

We were back in the car and crossed the boarder in to California we drove through redwood national and state park and on to Klamath where we stopped to see Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox when I found out that the Trees of Mystery was dog friendly we paid the $16 to check it out. I enjoyed the Gondella ride (Rosie was not a fan) I also enjoyed all the chainsaw carvings though my favourite was Paul Bunyan in the parking lot talking to everyone and catching them all off guard.

Our next Roadside attraction was th ‘Tour Through Tree’ in Klamath. It was th largest of the drive through trees on our route and appeared to be big enough to fit Dorny. However the signs clearly state no trailers due to the steep incline, and tight corners. I’m convinced she would have made it but I followed the rules. I paid the $5 in to the collection box and unhitched the trailer before driving the 200 yards up to the tree. We drove through and snapped some photos before heading over to Kamp Klamath. I booked a private campground tonight as I planned to do laundry and hoped to use wifi. Laundry works, however wifi is really spotty so no uploading of photos yet.

Tonight is the 100th night I’ll have slept in Dorny since I bought her back in June of 2014 so we are celebrating with a glass of bubbly while the laundry is on. I’d thought about bringing the bottle of glamping champagne my brother bought me but decided it was best I save that for an occasion where I’m not drinking the whole bottle solo, so tonight it’s just a baby bottle.

Tomorrow we head to our most southern destination on this trip Fort Bragg California to explore sea glass beach, then we turn around and head north again.

Odometer start of day 1519.6

Odometer end of day 1659.9

Wildlife sightings: just more squirrels at campgrounds and A dead raccoon on the road. Unless you count the giant blue ox and the numerous dinosaurs I encountered today.

Fibreglass Egg sightings: 3 again today. A casita near Brookings Oregon, a scamp further south and a blue vintage one in the parking lot of Home Depot in Crescent City California


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