Driving, driving and more driving. 

Well today we back tracked a long way. I was suppose to have a big driving day today and tomorrow cutting over to the i5and up the freeway to visit family in Newburg. However based on the vast temperature difference I decided to reroute my plan. Tonight I had reservations Patrick Creek Campground in Northern California on the route that cuts east to Grants Pass, however I didn’t go. I had mom look in to cancelling  yesterday when I realized how hot the i5 route would be, but it proved difficult, the rate of the campground was $14 plus I’d paid a $10 reservation fee and now they wanted a $10 cancelation fee so I just didn’t cancel and thought I’d play it by ear.

We went for a walk on the campground beach in Fort Bragg this morning before breakfast then went back packed up, had breakfast with the added bonus of fresh blackberries picked at our site and were on the road by about 9:30 and took the 20 over to the 101, it was still winding and hilly but much better than the Hwy 1 I’d taken west the day before. As we headed east it got warmer and warmer, we hit the 101 and it was approaching 30′ then we got stuck in a road construction wait of about 40 minutes and it kept getting hotter and hotter. I took some of the water from the water jug and poured it on Rosie as I was worried about her in the stifling heat as we sat parked in the sun with no where to go but wait. At one point on the 101 it reached 38 before the temperatures started to drop as I drove north west.

We only visited one of the road side attractions I’d missed the other day and only to snap a quick photo as it was too hot to stop. When I reached Crecent City where I’d have to cut back east to my campsite reservation I had zero desire to enter the heat again so I kept going north. I figured I’d be able to camp at Humbug Mountain as it had space the other day for drive ups, however the sign said full. I knew there was a Walmart in Newport I’d seen some people camped at but that was still a long ways away. I was wide awake and enjoying the cool weather, we had a good audio book playing as I’d started 1000 splendid sons in the morning and was enjoying it, so we kept going north. When we arrived at Newport at 10pm, after about 800km and 12 hours on the road with only a few rest area stops to let Rosie out and stretch my legs and one short visit to the beach, I’m almost done the book. Of the 11 audio cds I only have one and a bit to go. It was a long day but it means a shorter drive tomorrow. Now to sleep

Odometer start of day 2068.7

Odometer end of day 2857.3

Wildlife sightings: nothing I noticed

Fibreglass Egg sightings: 4 a new scamp and a vintage fibre glass egg both just south of Eureka 5 minutes apart. Then some where further north an Escape and a Casita


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