Another day another province 

After a tremendous storm we awoke to blue skies. We had a relaxing morning catching up with Nicole before hitting the road.  First stop was the curved bridge of Kiskatinaw.


We continued down the last (or first stretch depending which way you travel) few miles of the Alaska highway   Past the rolling farm hills.

Until we reached mile zero in Dawson Creek


Then we continued south east towards  Grand Prairie. We crossed in to Alberta  and were greeted with more farms.


We stopped briefly in Beaver Lodge to get a picture with the giant beaver.


Grande Prairie was too big for my liking so we relied on Siri to find Costco, picked up some dog food for the girls and headed south towards grand cache Alberta. We passed more farms.

Eventually we passed forests and a large open pit coal mine but I didn’t get pictures. We arrived set up camp and saw my storm from last night was rolling in. The girls slep on the bed while I knit.

We had some bright lightning and loud thunder and a bit of rain, nothing like last nights down pour. Currently everything seems to have stopped.

Am odometer 7732.5

Pm odometer 8117.7

Wildlife sightings none.

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Batten down the hatches

Happy BC day everyone. Karma’s parents and friend were meeting us for breakfast so I staged Dorny the boler to show off all of her beauty to the visitors.

   We all pitched in to prepare the feast and had a lovely morning breakfast With everyone.


After breakfast we played at the park, sat by the fire and relaxed. There was an environment Canada weather warning for lightening and rain. Karma and her family packed up their tent as they were heading home later in the afternoon. I put away the bug tent and prepared for a stormy afternoon. Then we all visited in the boler.


We played some cards and cribbage. After everyone left the thunder and lightening arrived this evening. The girls and I are once again reminded why we rv instead of tent. We are relaxing inside the dry, warm boler as the storm rages outside and the rain bounces off the roof.

Am odometer 7732.5

Pm odometer 7732.5

Wildlife sightings none. Not even squirrels

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so I’ve been on the road with the boler for over a month but most has been road trip, sight seeing or parking in friends/ family driveways but not a lot of what I call camping. I know some people say to camp you need to hike in, others say you need to sleep on the ground. To me camping is friends/ family camping together, shared meals, bonfires, stories and fun. When Michelle and I were at Mezziadin we were almost camping but there was a fire ban and we did some sight seeing. Tonight I’m camping in Taylor BC.

As we left this morning we took a picture of the gas plant on the way by. It was one of many signs we saw of the oil and gas industry in the area.

Then we stopped for brunch at the Sasquatch Crossing. It was very good.

We continued south on the boring straight stretch between fort Nelson and fort St. John. We arrived in Taylor BC and set up camp at Peace Island Park and enjoyed some downtime while we waited for Karma and her family to arrive. Then it was time for a bonfire and a big family style meal.


It’s was a great night and I’m happy that I got to be part of the twins first night of camping I hope everyone sleeps well in the tent.

Am odometer 7529.4

Pm odometer 7732.5

Wildlife sightings none. Not even squirrels

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If you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes 

Although I was awake at 6:30 and i didn’t go back to sleep we weren’t on the road till just before 11am. When I’d taken Huuna out for a pee I watched the busy beavers smacking their tails and moving logs. I watched them for a bit but didn’t get any pictures. When I went back with the camera they were back out by their house. Sure was a pretty morning.

but then it was time to feed the girls and give Huuna her insulin. Huuna wanted up on the bed so I grabbed my book and read while Huuna curled up as a foot warmer. I m quite enjoy ing Tisha it started to rain so I stayed warm and cozy in bed as the rain bounced off the boler. Once it stopped just after  9:30 it was time to get my but in gear. After a shower and my breakfast we got on the road.

As we drove through Stone Mountain park we saw 7 sheep.

We stopped at Summit Lake to stretch our legs and explore the abandoned lodge.


Hard to believe so much is abandoned up here.

We kept hitting patches of heavy rain followed by clearing s of sunshine that’s how it was all day. The drive through to Fort Nelson is beautiful. However Fort Nelson isn’t. I was surprised how much it’s grown since was last there in 2002. The gas boom has brought money and business and road improvements.

We ran a few errands in Fort Nelson and we were back on the road. Long straight stretches with fire weed and forest or fireweed and forest fire. I didn’t stop for pictures as the stretch of road lacks rest areas. We finally stopped to stretch our legs at a creek.

We skipped the commercial campground on the highway and opted for the free recreation site in the middle of no where at Duhu Provincial Park.

Oddly enough  I have cell coverage. I’m guessing because on the 5km gravel road out to the campground there is a big gas plant. I’m also really near Sikanni chief but it’s not big enough to warrant a cell tower. There is way more cell coverage between fort Nelson and fort St. John I’m guessing because of all the gas industry that wasn’t here the last time I was.

We arrived at the campground as the sun was trying to come out again.

But shortly after setting up camp and having trucks pull in with some partiers it started to pour before they could set up their tents. The girls and I went in the trailer to read but the trucks left.

We stayed up later than I planned but I finished my book.

AM odometer 7126.6

Pm odometer 7529.4

Wildlife sightings: 2 beavers, 7 stone mountain sheep and 1 caribou.

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Old Stomping Grounds 

We didn’t have a big drive planned for today so we had a bit of a lazy morning and read my book. I’ve listened to a few audio books in the car but also brought some paperbacks. I picked up a copy of ‘Tisha’ in Chicken and am quite enjoying it.

It was a dreary morning when we left Liard we were headed in to familiar territory. I’d spent a summer working in Muncho Lake back in 2002. We passed more Bison

And the only suspension bridge on the Alaska highway.

We continued through the mist and rain. I stopped at the Toad River Mineral Licks and left the girls in the car while went out to the lookout in hopes of seeing Stone Mountain Sheep. All we saw was a pair of ptarmigan but the scenery was still pretty.

We continued south and stopped at Northern Rockies Lodge for lunch.

While I was eating lunch the sun did its best to come out. I stopped just up the road to let the girls go for a swim.


It really is a spectacular lake. One of my passtimes when I had downtime was to take the dog for a walk and build inukshuks for my friend Regina to find when she was taking the kids for a walk. So we built one for someone to find.

I was sad when I stopped at Jack’s and saw his boat was no longer giving tours. Apparently he stopped them about 12 years ago.

We followed the river, such a beautiful drive.

Tonight we are camped at Toad River backing on to a view of the beaver pond.

So far no beavers or squirrels at our campsite but these two horses riding through are bothering Rosie.

I’m taking it easy tonight a shower, some laundry and maybe a fire but right now the wind is picking up so if it doesn’t die down I’ll skip the fire and curl up with my book.

AM odometer 7008.2

PM odometer 7126.6

Wildlife sightings: 32 bison, 2 squirrels,  1 moose and 2 ptarmigan ( even though I don’t usually count birds)

Evening update: we saw 3 beavers

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Where the Buffalo Roam

The things you do for old dogs. This morning we took our little trail down to the water where Huuna really wanted to go swimming. She knew the lake was there below her but being blind she couldn’t see how far the drop was or how deep the water was. The drop was only a foot or so and the water was also about a foot deep. She really wanted in but I couldn’t coax her I knew I’d have to help her out but I thought she could go plowing in on her own. But she wouldn’t not until I got in the water myself and then she was brave enough to join me. Once she was in she happily played in the water. She found a giant stick and I had to first lift the giant stick onto the shore and then lift her up onto the shore. What surprised me was Watson Lake is much warmer than the other lakes Ive been in up here. I was tempted to go for a swim but instead we are headed to Liard Hot Springs.


We stopped for breakfast in Watson Lake. After we gassed up the car and had Dorny’s picture taken with the Sign Forest we were on the road South.

Not far in to our trip south just after passing back in to BC we passed our first Buffalo it wouldn’t be our last of the day. In total today we passed 53 bison.

  In between buffalo we also found a black bear. BC sure is beautiful.

We followed along the Liard River.
Huuna slept peacefully and Rosie barked at Buffalo.

We arrived at Liard Hotsprings around 3pm and had no problem getting a campsite without reservations. We had a bit of downtime before a walk around to explore. After dinner the girls stayed at the campsite while I went for a soak.

Either I’ve gotten more tolerant of heat or the waters not as hot. When Karma and I visited in 2002 I couldn’t get near the source but tonight I had no problem placing a rock on the tower. I didn’t take my camera down to the hot springs as I didn’t want it to go missing so you’ll have to google it.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and reading.

AM odometer 6788.7

PM odometer 7008.2

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Wildlife Sightings: 53 Buffalo, 1 black bear and 6 squirrels seems like every campground has squirrels to torment Rosie.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere there’s Signs…

blocking out the scenery…. Wait they are the scenery.

Now for a brief rant

Last night a giant, California plated, 5th wheel parked beside me and immediately started their generator. Although it was annoying I continued knitting and figured no worries it will be off by quiet hours. No such luck they left it running all night long. The campground doesn’t have a host or anyone enforcing quiet hours. I guess the California’s in their giant 5th wheel needed to watch tv or use the microwave or whatever it is that people do in those monstrousities. Needless to say I didn’t sleep as soundly as I usually do with the engine running. The next morning when I was up at 6:45 they were packing up to leave. So I asked the lady if it was absolutely necessary to run the generator all night long and her reply was yes. I politely mentioned that it was quite annoying to those of us trying to sleep and that if they needed electricity so bad they should consider campgrounds with hook ups to which she replied ‘I’m sorry’. At least she felt bad for keeping me up. After they left and it was peace and quiet I went back to sleep for a few hours. Huuna also wanted on the bed (she usually sleeps on the dog bed on the floor and Rosie sleeps on the front bench.

Just before noon we were on the road back tracking south again. We gassed up in Teslin near the wooden cop car that slows tourists down.

We’d thought of having lunch in Teslin at the Yukon Motel as it was so good last time but I’d just eaten breakfast so we continued back tracking south. We stopped to stretch our legs.

And at the traffic light.

We arrived at the Watson Lake YG campground my last night in a Yukon Government campground. We paid our $12 and unhooked Dorny before driving in to town.

I’ve been collecting stamps in the Yukon passport. I started out doing it because it reminds me of Expo ’86, and was only doing it willy nilly so missed one at the cultural center in Teslin on the way North (but got it stamped today on the way south) and 2 when I was in Carcross. However when I realized that by collecting ‘X’ number of stamps you’d be entered in a draw to win gold, I got a little more serious about it.

I thought I was one away when I arrived at the tourism center in Watson Lake, turns out I was 2 away. So we drove the 13km out to the airport to visit our 20th location.

It was beautiful so the girls and I went for a walk.

It was then back to the tourist centre to enter both draws: 10 stamps 1oz of gold, 20 stamps 2oz of gold so fingers crossed.

We walked around the sign post village and found the same sign George posed with over 12 years ago.

Huuna got her picture taken

 And so did I

 The closest I found to home was Qualicum Beach, but I by no means read them all.

We had an excellent wrap for dinner across the street before heading back out of town to our campsite. I was thinking about a fire but it’s windy so we are hunkered down in the boler.

AM odometer 6464.8

PM odometer 6788.7

Wildlife sightings: 5 squirrels including the one Rosie had a staring match with here at the campsite. She is currently watching out the window for it.

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