Planning a cross country adventure

Cross Country

I’ve been dreaming of an across Canada roadtrip for quite some time. I’d originally hoped to go last summer, meaning I’d have a year off between Alaska and my next big adventure but decided to postpone it for a year so that I could head to a trailer rally taking place in Winnipeg August 15-19, 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the boler trailer. 

I have more time than the average person but not enough to make it all the way to the maritimes and do it all justice so I’ve decided to only go as far East as Ontario. In the end I also decided to avoid southern Ontario I’m worried it will be too busy and too hot for my liking and I’d rather spend some time exploring other parts of Ontario. We’ve been working on the route and today we made our first reservation at Riding Mountain National Park, we’ve also been making plans to meet some people along the way. Now we wait until March before I can start making reservations at Provincial Parks.