Lazy day at the lake. 

Well today was our rest day. We slept in, and lounged around the house watching movies. We did a bit of crafting, and some researching the next leg of our journey. I also did some chores, re packing/ organizing the trailer and some laundry. After dinner the sun came out so we decided to kayak around the lake. We headed out on the water around 9pm, you gotta love the land of the midnight sun.

After we got back from our lap around the lake Richelle took some pictures of us.

  After putting the kayak’s away we got to see a lovely rainbow.

AM odometer 3925.6

PM odometer 3925.6

Wildlife Sightings: Some small fish jumping in the lake and I don’t usually count birds but we did kayak with a family of ducks.

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Striking it Rich…

Today the plan was for gold fever and dog sledding. Huuna and Carlisle hung out at the lake while the rest of us headed to Hatcher Pass and Independence Mine.  First stop was to try our hand at gold panning. We stopped at Little Susitina River.

My cousin Richelle took a great photo

We had a lot of fun and found some flash in the pan. I’m not sure if they are flakes or fools gold but they sure look real.

 Hatcher Pass park is open to recreational gold panning so it was a fun way to try our hand at gold fever.

We had to sacrifice the last of the bubbles so we’d have a safe place to keep our gold flakes.

We then headed further up the road to Independence Mine. Although the info center was closed and the rain rolled in it was still really neat to see the old mine and dilapidated village.

We headed back down the hill and stopped for ice cream on a rainy day.

We stopped by Iditarod Trail Headquarters 

We went for a ride with the sled dogs.


Our final stop of the day was to see Joe Redington Seniors boat in the marsh before heading back to the lake for reindeer sausages.

AM odometer 3736.1

PM odometer 3925.6

Wildlife Sightings: 1 tiny UIC that ran across the road. Perhaps a mouse or mole.

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Downtown Anchorage 

Today we headed to downtown Anchorage to see the sites and shop the weekend market and stores. Rosie and Huuna were happy to hang out at the lake with Carlisle. First stop was the weekend market. We checked out the vendors.

We took a break from the market to go check out the Ulu factory. We had to go by the train station first.

And back to the market for lunch. I had halibut and corn fritters. It wasn’t the healthiest option but it was delicious.

Then we went to see some of the sites.


We even saw a piece of glacier ice up close and personal

We checked out some of the souvenir shops

Before heading over to the tourism info center.



We saw more reindeer sausages but we picked ours up at Costco.

We stopped by  Alaska Wildberry Products to see the worlds largest chocolate fountain.

     Then we ran a few errands at Costco and Joann’s and headed back to the lake for BBQ burgers and crafting.

AM odometer 3736.1
PM odometer 3736.1 – Richelle drove and Roo stayed parked.

Wildlife sightings- none

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A Parade and Big Box stores

Today we split up. George, Huuna and Rosie hung out at the lake with Carlisle, while Richelle chauffeured me around. First on our agenda was ‘Bear Paw Festival’ in Eagle River. We went and watched the parade.


The difference I noticed between the parade here and the ones I’m use to at home is the involvement of spectators. At home the spectators clap, cheer and wave as the people and floats go by. Here they line up with bags waiting for all the free stuff. We weren’t even trying for things and got given frisbees, candies, chocolate bars, stickers, a 2nd hand book, coupons  and pamphlets. We checked out all the venders at the fairgrounds. Then Richelle and I checked out the big box stores before heading home for an awesome salmon dinner.

AM odometer 3736.1

PM odometer 3736.1 – Richelle drove and Roo stayed parked.

Wildlife sighting- none

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Family Roadtrip Fun

Today we set out on an adventure with my cousins. We loaded everyone and the dogs into Roo for a day trip. We even brought Dorny the Boler along too.

We were headed to Whittier for a hike but the first stop was Beluga Point on Turnagain Arm. Although we didn’t see any belugas the views were spectacular.

    We then headed for Whittier passing through North America’s longest single lane shared car and train tunnel. My younger cousin Veronica brought a book and volunteered to dog sit Huuna so the rest of us could go hiking. They hung out in Dorny the Boler and We parked at the trailhead and started the steep hike up, up and away.


The hike was steep but well worth the spectacular view at the top.

The view towards Portage Glacier took your breath away.


Looking back towards the road we parked on, you can see just how steep the incline was.  

We drove through Whittier and saw the old abandoned army barracks.

Then we had to time the tunnel back so that we could make bear feeding time at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC). We saw the three brown bears and 2 black bears.

     We also saw Muskox


Baby Moose

Big Moose

Reindeer/ Caribou are on my other camera.

We found the Muskox yarn I’d thought about buying but realized it’s not in my budget.

Then it was back to the lake for a quick nap as I had had too much excitement for one day and finished the day with a bonfire beside the lake with s’mores and a sunset.


AM odometer 3466.0

PM odometer 3736.1

Wildlife sightings (in the wild) 1 muskrat.

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