Less Driving more sight seeing. 

Today we didn’t cover as many miles but got to take in more sites. We had no problems sleeping at the waterfalls and hit the road this morning after doggy breakfast and insulin.

We continued north to Tesslin and crossed the largest bridge span on the Alaska hwy

We had elk sausage and eggs for breakfast at the Yukon Motel before checking out their awesome display of taxidermy animals.

We then headed over to the George Johnston museum and all his amazing photos. He also brought the first car to the area 13 years before the Alaska hwy was built.

We then took the girls for a walk along the George Johnston trail and had a feast on wild strawberries

Then it was time to check out the Tlingit Heritage Centre. Although we were early in the season it was nice to talk with a lady who does amazing bead work and enjoy some fry bread.


The grounds are quite large and I’m guessing they have lots of things going on in high season.

We then continued north through Johnson’s Crossing

And detoured down through Tagish

And then over to Carcross. Although the shops were all closed it was better than being surrounded by tourists. I could only imagine what a tourist trap it is in high season.


The drive back to the Alaska hwy was lovely. We checked out the desert 

And then Emerald Lake. It was overcast I’m guessing on a sunny day the water is even more stunning.

Next stop was Robinson Roadhouse rest area to feed the girls and give Huuna her insulin. It was by far my favorite spot of the day. A short trail lead to a field full of wild flowers and derelict old buildings.

Tonight we are parked amongst the big rigs. At The Caribou RV Park.


I should have asked for a dry site as they are much nicer but it’s good to plug the cooler in.  However the campground is great. With free hot showers, nice walking trails, laundromat,a dish washing station and a great day use cabin.

AM odometer 1577.6
PM odometer 1916.8

Wildlife sightings: 3 bunnies, 7 squirrels (but I think we ran one over 😔) and 2 bunny size beige UIC (un-identified creatures) that were standing on their hind legs looking around but dove into the same hole as we approached.

Flickr Album


A walk back down memory lane

Tonight after a phone call with an old friend, I pulled out the photo albums, I use to take a lot of photos, and although I keep meaning to scan my negatives I haven’t gotten around to it. As I flipped through the pages of my first few weeks in Tofino, before I owned a digital camera, I smiled and laughed at great old memories. I started working backwards through the photo albums on the shelf and started coming across previous adventures of Curious E. George and decided I should share those photos on here. I took pictures of them with my iphone, I know not the best results, but the quickest. We’ve had a lot of adventures. A fair amount of traveling and sight seeing in Europe

Klosters, Switzerland

Statue of David, Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Amsterdam, Netherlands

a visit with an old friend in NYC, including the top of the world trade centre in August 2001



Then when we first arrived back on Vancouver Island we visited and partied with old friends and made some new ones, and saw the sights in Victoria.

Victoria, BC

Deep Bay, BC roadtrip

We took a family vacation to Vegas.

Las Vegas Showgirls

Gambling in Vegas

George and I even covered part of the Alaska Hwy the summer of 2002 when I worked at the Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake. Thanks for the lift Karma, it was a fun adventure.

Mile 0 of the Alaska Hwy

Watson Lake, Yukon

Nahanni National Park

There is even a picture of Big Tree Trail from when I first moved to Tofino, but then George went away for a long time.

Big Tree Trail, Tofino, BC
The rest of the photos from our first few years of adventures can be found on my flickr site:

George’s old adventures on Flickr

Back from Hiatus

As I’m in the midst of planning a grand road trip adventure to Alaska this summer, I decided it was time to bring Curious E. George back from his long hiatus. Curious and I had many adventures in Europe back in 2000-2001 while I was working as an aupair in Switzerland. Once I returned to Canada George and I had a few small adventures here, but sadly he has been stuck on a shelf for years now, and I decided it’s just not fair. I’ve never been a blogger, in the past we sent emails, however I figure this way those that are interested can follow us, and those that aren’t wont have emails filling up their inbox. I’m also a strong believer in “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll be including lots of photos along the way, but not tonight.