Hot, hot, hot

today we woke up and it was already warm. We wanted to get on the road before it was too hot so we didn’t laze around. I had a shower and took the girls for a morning walk to the river. It’s really pretty with the three bridges but I forgot my camera. After Our walk we packed up camp and it was already sweaty hot by 9:30. We hit the road which was full of traffic. Revelstoke west was beautiful with funky places to check out like a ghost town and an enchanted forest. However neither was appealing when traveling with 2 dogs on a hot day. We did stop for another swim at a big lake we drove past.

 Then we continued south through Sicamous and the Shuswap I was reminded of the many house boating trips we took with the Uvic crew. We should really consider planning a big central get together. If house boating is out because kids are too small perhaps a group campout.

We went through Enderby, Armstrong and Vernon bypassing them all. The okanagan is known for wine tours and fruit stands but we bypassed them too as it was just too hot for me and the girls.

We headed to Kekutli Bay campground and arrived just before 1 and managed to get the last site. It was a beautiful site on the hillside over looking the lake. We were lucky to have shade and a view. We were also happy there was a slight breeze to make the heat bearable.

    My friend Sonja came over to visit and we sat in the shade catching up on life. In the late afternoon we headed down to the lake. The beach was no pets allowed so we all snuck in for a swim at the boat launch.

Since everyone had cooled off we drove back to Vernon to visit a lovely orchard and get some fresh peaches.

We grabbed a bbq chicken at the grocery store and headed back to the campsite for dinner that included sweet chilliwack corn and a spectacular view.

After dinner as we sat out enjoying the view I was saddened by how quickly it got dark. A clear sign that my northern summer vacation is coming to an end. I never really needed to use a flashlight until I was coming down through Dawson Creek now it seems I need one earlier and earlier in the evening.

Am odometer 9155.0

Pm odometer 9360.0

Wildlife sightings: 12 quail at my campsite as well as UIC (looked like giant guinea pig with a tail. The body was over a foot long. It was light brown and fat)

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Lakes, Rivers and Waterfalls. 

although we had a bit of a lazy morning we managed to cram a bunch of adventure in. The girls and I drove out to pyramid lake and walked over to pyramid island to explore. Huuna tested out the water.


We then stopped briefly at Patricia Lake another majestic alpine lake.

We drove back through town and out the other side for another brief stop at Athabaska River with the giant dandelion like flowers.

   All the adventures were wearing Huuna out.

After a bit of a drive while Huuna napped we went wading along the shores of Jasper Lake. It was so shallow and sandy along the shore it wasn’t that cold.

    We then drove back through town to meet up with Kate passing Snaring River along the way.

 Kate and I were headed out to Maligne Lake but enroute we stopped to check out disappearing Medecine Lake and the recent destruction from a forest fire.

   Maligne lake was large and had boat rentals and tours and an excellent tea house with house made baking that was excellent.

          Our last stop on the adventure back to town was Maligne Canyon with its deep crevices, rushing river and majestic waterfalls. It really was spectacular.

      After dinner at Kate’s I headed back to our campsite at Whistlers campground and got stuck in a traffic jam as the Elk were out grazing.

Am odometer 8493.7

Pm odometer

Wildlife sightings: 7 elk, 2 chipmunks and 3 squirrels

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Journeying through Jasper

this morning after a walk through the campground where we spotted 2 elk, the girls and I headed out  to explore a bit while Kate was working. First stop was Horseshoe lake.

Huuna decided she needed to go for  a swim.

Then we continued on to Athabaska Falls. So much rushing water and beautiful scenery.


Rosie was busy keeping an eye on squirrels.

We then circled back towards Jasper on the old highway. Stopping for a swim at Leach Lake.

As well as the joining of the rivers.

We’d worn Huuna out and she slept on the way back to Jasper.

We had lunch in Jasper and checked out some of the shops before meeting up with Kate.

Kate and I drove up the windy road to Edith  Cavell.

We saw a weird looking chipmunk that was two different colors or perhaps crossed with a squirrel?

We hiked up to the viewing area to look over and see Angel Glacier

I took some pictures of inukshuks and even added a rock to one as there had been a sign banning them which cracked me up.

On the drive back down we saw a black bear that wSnt at all bothered by Rosie going nuts.

We finished the night off with dinner at the brew pub. The wait for a table was long, the service was crap, the food was good the company was great.

Am odometer 8352.7

Pm odometer 8493.7

Wildlife sightings: 2 elk, 2 squirrels, 1 black bear, 1 marmot, 1 chipmunk.

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Another day another province 

After a tremendous storm we awoke to blue skies. We had a relaxing morning catching up with Nicole before hitting the road.  First stop was the curved bridge of Kiskatinaw.


We continued down the last (or first stretch depending which way you travel) few miles of the Alaska highway   Past the rolling farm hills.

Until we reached mile zero in Dawson Creek


Then we continued south east towards  Grand Prairie. We crossed in to Alberta  and were greeted with more farms.


We stopped briefly in Beaver Lodge to get a picture with the giant beaver.


Grande Prairie was too big for my liking so we relied on Siri to find Costco, picked up some dog food for the girls and headed south towards grand cache Alberta. We passed more farms.

Eventually we passed forests and a large open pit coal mine but I didn’t get pictures. We arrived set up camp and saw my storm from last night was rolling in. The girls slep on the bed while I knit.

We had some bright lightning and loud thunder and a bit of rain, nothing like last nights down pour. Currently everything seems to have stopped.

Am odometer 7732.5

Pm odometer 8117.7

Wildlife sightings none.

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Batten down the hatches

Happy BC day everyone. Karma’s parents and friend were meeting us for breakfast so I staged Dorny the boler to show off all of her beauty to the visitors.

   We all pitched in to prepare the feast and had a lovely morning breakfast With everyone.


After breakfast we played at the park, sat by the fire and relaxed. There was an environment Canada weather warning for lightening and rain. Karma and her family packed up their tent as they were heading home later in the afternoon. I put away the bug tent and prepared for a stormy afternoon. Then we all visited in the boler.


We played some cards and cribbage. After everyone left the thunder and lightening arrived this evening. The girls and I are once again reminded why we rv instead of tent. We are relaxing inside the dry, warm boler as the storm rages outside and the rain bounces off the roof.

Am odometer 7732.5

Pm odometer 7732.5

Wildlife sightings none. Not even squirrels

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so I’ve been on the road with the boler for over a month but most has been road trip, sight seeing or parking in friends/ family driveways but not a lot of what I call camping. I know some people say to camp you need to hike in, others say you need to sleep on the ground. To me camping is friends/ family camping together, shared meals, bonfires, stories and fun. When Michelle and I were at Mezziadin we were almost camping but there was a fire ban and we did some sight seeing. Tonight I’m camping in Taylor BC.

As we left this morning we took a picture of the gas plant on the way by. It was one of many signs we saw of the oil and gas industry in the area.

Then we stopped for brunch at the Sasquatch Crossing. It was very good.

We continued south on the boring straight stretch between fort Nelson and fort St. John. We arrived in Taylor BC and set up camp at Peace Island Park and enjoyed some downtime while we waited for Karma and her family to arrive. Then it was time for a bonfire and a big family style meal.


It’s was a great night and I’m happy that I got to be part of the twins first night of camping I hope everyone sleeps well in the tent.

Am odometer 7529.4

Pm odometer 7732.5

Wildlife sightings none. Not even squirrels

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On the road again 

After a few lovel days in Whitehorse catching up with friends and enjoying the perks of being in a city we are back on the road today.

But before I cover today’s post let’s start with my current view taken at 7:41 pm at Cottonwood RV Park site M on lovely Kluane Lake in the Yukon.

  This morning we packed up the trailer and the car again and headed in to Whitehorse for one last breakfast with old friends. We dined at Burnt Toast again. It’s good food but they really need to learn to warm plates, breakfast is so much better on a warm plate. Then we did a quick photo together before heading off in different directions. It was so great seeing everyone it’s sad that it’s so long between visits.

  Next I grabbed a scone and a cookie from Baked for the road as they are just too good to pass up.

 Then it was back to long drives and rest areas. The first stretch out of Whitehorse wasn’t that thrilling but Huuna creeped forward to keep me company.


 We went back to our roadtrip lunch / nap schedule today. However it was pretty hot so we didn’t nap long before we hit the road so that we could have a cool breeze in our hair. We were on the look out for a nice place for the girls to swim so we stopped at Canyon Creek Bridge rest area.

     Then it was on to Haines Junction where we checked out the visitors centre and the cultural center and stopped for treats and fuel. We had an ice cream at Frosty’s and grabbed a savory cheddar scone from The Village Bakery to go with dinner. Anna had recommended the bakery and I wasn’t disappointed.

     Then it was back on the road through stunning Kluane Park.

       When we reached Kluane Lake we just had to stop to let the girls have another swim.

       Even I went wading.

We drove around the tip of the beautiful lake and when we came across Cottonwood RV park we just had to stop. It had been recommended to me and it’s such a tranquil spot. The dry site price is about the same as BC parks and for that you get hot showers, a dishwashing station with hot water, and really friendly service. There is also a small mini golf course but I’m not sure if it’s extra. They do have sites with hook ups too, I just didn’t need them.

        AM odometer 2261.1

PM odometer 2522.3

Wildlife sightings: 4 arctic ground squirrels. This was the UIC from Tagish/ Carcross. I identified him at the Kluane park visitors centre as I was starting to see more of these little guys standing on their hind legs checking things out.

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