Planning a cross country adventure

Cross Country

I’ve been dreaming of an across Canada roadtrip for quite some time. I’d originally hoped to go last summer, meaning I’d have a year off between Alaska and my next big adventure but decided to postpone it for a year so that I could head to a trailer rally taking place in Winnipeg August 15-19, 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the boler trailer. 

I have more time than the average person but not enough to make it all the way to the maritimes and do it all justice so I’ve decided to only go as far East as Ontario. In the end I also decided to avoid southern Ontario I’m worried it will be too busy and too hot for my liking and I’d rather spend some time exploring other parts of Ontario. We’ve been working on the route and today we made our first reservation at Riding Mountain National Park, we’ve also been making plans to meet some people along the way. Now we wait until March before I can start making reservations at Provincial Parks.


Planning another adventure

I’m planning another adventure. It’s been on my todo again list for a while but after taking a summer job this summer teaching online I figured I could afford a little adventure on my 2 weeks off. So I’m headed down the coast. The last time I did the Oregon coast I was a teenager on a family roadtrip. It was filled with one mishap after another and is often referred to as the ‘worst family vacation ever’ but it’s all the one with some of the best stories to look back and laugh at.IMG_8147

My destination is Fort Bragg as I’d really like to see Sea Glass beach for myself. The trip down is a bit of a meander along the coast. I’ve reserved some sites but not all as I’d like to play some by ear. The trip back is a bit more rushed.  Here is the tentative itinerary.

Night 1- port angeles to Forks area – no reservations yet

Night 2 – reserved at pacific beach state park

Night 3 – reserved at cape disappointment state park

Night 4 – reserved at RV resort at cannon beach

Night 5 – walk up only Nahalem Falls campground.

Night 6 – somewhere near Lincoln city

Night 7 – Dunes city Oregon.

Night 8 – somewhere on the southern Oregon coast

Night 9 – make reservations for redwood forest area

Night 10 – reserved at mackerricher state park / Fort Bragg.

Night 11- somewhere Southern Oregon /northern cali

Night 12 – stay with family in McMinnville

Night 13 – centralia

Night 14 – mount Vernon area?

Night 15 – Deception Pass

Night 16 – Home I work the next day

Our first full day in Alaska and our first moose.

We started off with another lazy morning, I am on vacation after all. We decided to check out Tok before hitting the road. We checked out some of the gift shops and the tourism bureau. We checked out the sled shed at Bear Paw cabins. We saw the puppies for sale. I wonder how many people impulse buy a puppy on their Alaska roadtrip we’ve seen them for sale in lots of places.

We tried to go to Mukluk land as it sounds like quite the road side attraction and I just love tacky roadside attractions. Sadly it didn’t open till 2 and I was ready to hit the road, perhaps on our way out of Alaska.

We stopped to take the girls for a walk on a gravel road that a park ranger recommended Rosie is loving all this freedom.

We were back on the road and there was a light rain falling it was hard to tell if the skies were overcast or smoke covered. You could definitely still smell smoke but there were no more helicopters to be seen. Shortly after we got back on the road we saw our first Moose of the trip.

As we didn’t have that many miles planned today we explored a couple of the side roads and were rewarded with unique scenery. This picture was taken out the Mentesa Lake road.

 Our next detour was out the Nabesna road in to the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. We followed this scenic route for about 7 miles until we found a rough camp site to park at. We explored a bit then had a nap where the only sound was the babbling brook and the occasional mosquito but we fell asleep knowing they were outside the screen windows.

    We stayed till Huuna’s dinner time and seriously contplated staying the night but decided we wanted to cover a few more miles today. We were aiming for Glenallen but instead stayed at a rest area beside the Christachina River and trailhead.  There were 3 other RVs when I pulled in I wonder if they are all spending the night.

 AM odometer 2915.0

PM odometer 3115.6

Wildlife sightings: 1 squirrel and our first moose.

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Something’s not quite right about this picture…

 Although the little red accent matches my interior colour choices better, it’s not Roo my Suabru Outback and more importantly is not capable of towing Dorny the Boler. There was a recall from 2014 on my outback brakes so I took it to Subaru for a check up on Saturday. I was assured in advance that I’d have no issues as the only problems were back east where there is more salt on the roads. When I got to the dealership in Nanaimo (about an hour from my house) I was told there was a 2nd recall on the computer system that runs my car. It was just a ‘quick update’ in regards to the emissions codes. I sat patiently in the posh lounge and had a complimentary pastry and bottled water while I read my Milepost guide. After a few hours the service man informed me there had been a ‘glitch’, that my computer system had locked them out, that they needed a reset code from Toronto, but that Toronto was now closed and wouldn’t open up until Monday. They assured me not to worry as they would phone and get me a rental and cover the rental fees. I pointed out that I lived in Cumberland, that I’d need to be at work and most importantly that I was leaving for an Alaska roadtrip at the end of the week. They promised they would get a hold of Toronto first thing Monday, reprogram my car, drive my car to me and return the rental car on my behalf all at no charge as the issue was by no means my fault. I’d heard bad things about Nanaimo Subaru from the previous owner and this was my first dealings with them since purchasing my outback a few years ago…. I was thinking this is pretty awesome customer service as long as I have my car back Monday or Tuesday all will be well.

Fast Forward to today and the rental Accent that is sitting in my driveway. They hit another snag, apparently the reboot code wasn’t working but they were still trying when I last heard from them at 2pm today. They think the computer that runs my car as they called it the ‘brain’ is fried, and I may need a new brain. As my outback is a 2006 they no longer make new brains for my car, but they have already sourced a 2nd hand brain. I once again informed them that I was leaving for an Alaska road trip on Friday and that my outback was towing the trailer to Alaska. I pointed out that the car was running perfectly fine when I dropped it off that I simply wanted the breaks inspected. I also informed them I’d need the car back in running order in the Comox Valley by Thursday AM. They assured me I’d have it back by Thursday morning so now we continue to wait and see.

In the mean time Dorny is looking in fine shape for her road trip, kitchen counters/ cutting boards were re-oiled and re-attached, LED lighting tape was installed under the cupboards and she is mostly packed and ready to go, so here is hoping no more hiccups before we hit the road on Friday.

Time Flies By….

it’s hard to believe we leave in less than two weeks. The spring has been hot and sunny, and we’ve been hard at work getting Dorney the Boler ready for the big adventure north. Some have been cosmetic updates like painting cupboards.  

Others others have been more crucial like cleaning and repacking the bearings. It was so nice to have someone teach me how to do this so in the future I can do it on my own.

There is still lots to do before I go, shopping, packing, finishing work, getting the house ready for the house sitter and other last minute things, However I know it will all get done. On the weekend I took Dorney over the hump to camp at Stamp River Provcial Park for a night it was so relaxing I can’t wait for our seven week adventure to begin.


Our 7 Week Tentative Itinerary

A 7 week long vacation, how exciting. I haven’t planned a long vacation since I ended my 18 months as an Aupair in Switzerland, and even then I don’t think it was 7 weeks. We’ll have to go back through and post some of our old adventures. Reliving old adventures is fun but planning new ones is exciting and that’s what we’ve been working on.

This is what we have so far, feel free to share your thoughts 

*this has now been updated to include links to the daily posts of my 9954km roadtrip in the Summer of 2015

Back from Hiatus

As I’m in the midst of planning a grand road trip adventure to Alaska this summer, I decided it was time to bring Curious E. George back from his long hiatus. Curious and I had many adventures in Europe back in 2000-2001 while I was working as an aupair in Switzerland. Once I returned to Canada George and I had a few small adventures here, but sadly he has been stuck on a shelf for years now, and I decided it’s just not fair. I’ve never been a blogger, in the past we sent emails, however I figure this way those that are interested can follow us, and those that aren’t wont have emails filling up their inbox. I’m also a strong believer in “a picture is worth a thousand words” so I’ll be including lots of photos along the way, but not tonight.