Last Trip of the Season 

it’s hard to believe I haven’t camped since the last night of my epic roadtrip at the beginning of August. I guess I was enjoying the luxury of a queen bed and hot shower. Yesterday as the sun was shining I decided to take the girls and George 2.0

for a short Roadtrip to Rathtrevor provincial park in parksville.

We lucked out with fall camping rates of $11 per night. Though the water pumps and shower house are all locked off. We scored an awesome site and I had no problems backing in.

We were attached to a short trail to the beach. The girls and I took advantage of it before even setting up camp


After setting up camp we let Huuna nap in the car while Rosie and I explored some more.


We settled in for the night and I was worried fall camping without a furnace would be chilly so I packed fleece pjs, and a wool blanket in addition to my down duvet in the boler and let Rosie sleep on the bed, Huuna chose not to. I was completely wrong twice I woke up sweating hot. The first time I made Rosie get down as she is like a space heater. The 2nd time I took off the wool blanket. Mid October camping in Dorny the Boler was a success. We were even greeted by an amazing sunrise this morning before the rains rolled in.


Everything that could go wrong 

our day started at 12:45 am when our ferry docked at Duke Point in Nanaimo we drove to moms and arrived at 2am. We unloaded a few things and went to bed in the house. I was up at 6:45am for Huuna medicine but went back to bed. I was pretty spoiled mom took the dogs for a walk and I slept till almost 11. Mom also spoiled me by doing some of my laundry.

We tried to go to Tidal Taco for lunch but they were closed so we went back to moms for lunch and a walk with the girls. Huuna insisted on taking Uncle Muskie’s trail to the beach.

We spent the day hanging out and relaxing. After the tide came in I took the girls swimming and gave Huuna a bath as she was a bit smelly.

After dinner we drove home and parked Dorny in the driveway.

The trip was so close to 10,000 klm I felt like maybe I should drive around a bit but I didn’t.

Fred was pretty happy to see us. Though I think she was pretty spoiled by the house sitter.

All trip long people would ask about what went wrong? Honestly the the answer is nothing. Yes I lost George which was sad for sentimental reasons but it was a 14 year old stuffed toy that I won in a vending machine back in 2001 so in the grand scheme not a big issue.

Before heading out on a roadtrip that was scheduled to be 9000+ klm long I had some concerns but tried to prepare for everything that could go wrong. I had my mechanic Daryl, whome I trust and would recommend to anyone, go over the car with a fine tooth comb. My uncle Brian helped prep the Boler and check it out. The auto shop teacher at the local high school taught me to pack the bearings and got me a good deal on spare bearings just in case Id need to replace them on the road. I purchased and carried bear spray. Mom even had me write a will just incase something went drastically wrong.

I did as much research as I could. I fully expected a flat tire so made sure I had a good spare for both car and trailer and the tools to change a tire. I also expected a chipped windshield but read that crazy glue or packing tape can be a temporary fix to keep your windshield from cracking so packed both. I had everything I thought I’d need.

I had 3 big fears before leaving:

1. The 6 bolts that hold the fiberglass ‘egg’ on the frame would give out and the egg would bounce off as I was driving down a gravel road.

2. I’d have major mechanical issues, I’d be stranded and my budget would be competly blown.

3. That while out on the trails with the dogs we’d run into a Grizzly and one or all of us might get severely injured or even killed.

But I’m happy to report that out of everything that could go wrong nothing did go wrong. I didn’t want to write earlier and jinx myself but really other than loosing George there were no issues. No chipped windshield, no flat tire, no bouncing egg, no mechanical issues (just an over priced scheduled oil change in Whitehorse) and no meetings with Grizzlies, just a missing stuffed monkey.

Now for a little PVR time before unpacking and putting everything away. I’ll also need to thoroughly clean both Roo and Dorny.

Am odometer 9823.3

Pm odometer 9954.2

Wildlife sightings: none.

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