Waterway Way walks and weddings with old friends. 

I’m camped in my friend Anna’s yard. I was happy to see the sun shining bright and early today for her wedding.

The girls and I headed in to town to meet Craig and Alison. We had breakfast at burnt toast a local cafe and then went looking for the Saturday market as the locals we asked told us the wrong spot. When we couldn’t find it we drove over to see the paddle wheeler.

   After we decided to walk the waterway and found a tiny market with about 8 stands right downtown on the waterfront.

We walked over to shipyard park and back to have a gourmet grilled cheese at a food truck.

     Then it was time to get dolled up for the wedding.

It was a beautiful ceremony


And a rocking reception. This last photo was taken after midnight.

AM odometer 2060.6

PM odometer 2148.2

Wildlife sightings:  1 squirrel

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